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About Love and Loss

Just watched a movie by Kate Hudson, A Little Bit of Heaven. It talks about a woman who is about to die of terminal stage colon cancer, learning to love, learning to open up to love, learning to open up to loved ones, most importantly help herself and her loved ones deal with loss. 

Movie was really good, really intense, mostly because of the good acting and witty lines. 

Just a few weeks ago, I was advising my own sister to let go of a 4 year relationship if she felt it was going no where. The only problem - she's not able to let go, she never was. Despite the many times they tried to break up. She cannot imagine a life otherwise. 

We are social beings. We thrive on familiarity, social interactions and affection. We need to be in the comfort of our families and cliques. We are programmed to love. And it's basic instinct to hold on to our loved ones.

Hence it's only normal, only human to not know how to let go, not know how to deal with losses. 

Many would rather remain in hopeless, abusive relationships, others would use anger, distance and hatred to conceal their fear. 

Loss is no doubt, frightening. And it's love, in different ways, be it new found strength, from friends and family, or love for the loss one that helps us cope with loss. 

Next movie to watch - Friends With Benefits. I'm not expecting to cry a whole lot, erm, probably not at all. A friend say it was quite a good show. And because she said it, I'd have to catch it.